7 reasons to give

7 Medication: About 70% of children in Pestel have intestinal worms, which consume up to 25% of their nutritional intake. By killing the worms with Albendazole, we instantly improve the child's nutrition by one-quarter, and the kids begin to grow! We reach 12,000 children annually with this medication.
6 Clean Water: More than half of rural Haitians live without access to clean water. In Pestel, 98% of people reported no access to clean water. TVI is teaming with Water Missions International to drill wells that will provide clean water to many of the 70,000 people in Pestel, greatly reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses like cholera.
5 Vitamin-A Deficiency: Vitamin A supplementation has been extremely effective in this setting, reducing child deaths by 25% while eliminating visual impairments due to vitamin A deficiency - the leading cause of preventable child blindness.
4 Primary Education: Nearly 30% of households surveyed in Pestel gave up a child as a "servant" for urban dwellers. They're called "Restaveks" which means, "one who stays with"...but in many cases, this is simply modern day slavery. Families give up a child out of desperation ... lack of food, water, education, opportunity. TVI is working to improve the underlying conditions: supporting primary education through teacher salary aid, nutrition through the work of Heifer International and the medications, clean water, and basic medical care.
3 Poverty: The average daily income in Pestel is less than $1 per day, which is below the World Bank's definition of absolute poverty (at $1.25 per day). In short, Pestel is among the poorest places on earth. Your donation goes right to the source of the poverty.
2 Zero Overhead Cost: TVI's overhead costs right now are hovering at around zero-nada, zip. Everything you give goes to improve conditions in rural Haiti. In the 2012-13 budget, we estimate that admin costs will remain well below average: between 5-10%.
1 Good Cause: This is real. People are dying and you will help save lives. Jesus said to do it. Your parents would be proud of you for doing it.